Handmade luxury spa products harvested in . Budapest. This green sustainable company has been operating since 1958 and become the benchmark and world leader in high-end active organic and bio dynamic skincare. Our skin wellness facials harness the healing properties of these zero water, highly concentrated formulas of vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs to bring you complete skin wellness.




Medical grade skincare with their foundation philosophy in the latest cutting edge vitamin A technology, superior vitamin C formulations and an entire range based on in-clinic results, followed up with high strength home-care. Your skin therapist will bring together your own personal skin health program.


A professional skin treatment system that is the world leader in non-equipment based pigmentation removal. Cosmelan in on a level of its own when it comes to pigmentation reform. Acneln is a game changer for long term acne sufferers with an in-salon hugh strength anti bacteria and scar reducing treatment followed up with a home protocol. Book with your skin therapist for a consultation on what we can do for you.



DP Dermaceuticals™ is the ultimate skincare range, used for pre and post-operative care, to enhance and complement clinical rejuvenation procedures.


Our signature range handmade with love and based on natural ethics of cold pressed fruit oils and herbal infusions.
W- Willpower - Y- Yearning - L- Love - D- Determination... the key ingredients we need to get us through life and drive us to create our dreams and live with passion.

In- Salon Gift Range

Salt by Hendrix
Sydney based natural botanicals, body shimmers, scrubs, soaks, hair perfumes and aroma natural perfume rollers.
Mojo Candles
Hand poured soy wax candles that have been made in reclaimed recycled wine bottles. They not only smell divine, but they are helping with recycling
Tosca Home Candles
Luxury scented candles for the minimalist interior to add a touch of elegance
Tea Blossoms
Artisan handsewn bloooming teas and teapot glassware